SolveSpark is the world's first centralized "crowd-solving" platform

Join in and share your ideas, insights, struggles, and dreams. Your input will help create traction and build positive change in your community and around the world.


SolveSpark encourages everyone to participate. This means all ages, genders, races, classes...everyone around the world! Everyone has perspectives and ideas that are important!


SolveSpark seeks the voices of the entire world, so that together, we can confront world's toughest challenges. We are challenging the status quo by giving everyone, not only the privileged, a platform to carve out a better future. Every human has an unbelievable amount of potential. Let's not let it go to waste.


How do we make sense of all of the world's wonderful insights and turn it into something as powerful as the cure for cancer, the best solutions for climate change, and the end to hunger? With the world's absolute best data analytics. SolveSpark will constantly push to be a game-changer in natural language processing and data analytics.


Making facts, figures, and collaboration available to the world will bring legitimacy to the problem-solving process. Showing the world how things should be versus how they really are has the power to fight corruption.

Critical Thinking

SolveSpark will help users think hard to come up with the best solutions. Tools paired with data analytics will encourage users to think outside the box and will even alert users of biases and other logic flaws.

Best solutions

SolveSpark will help us craft the best solutions by comparing all of the alternatives and judging them based on criteria. This will make for more effective crowdfunding campaigns.


SolveSpark is focused on creating a positive future for all. While constructive criticism is encouraged, outright hatred or harassment will not be tolerated. Solutions that result in the short term or long term harm of any people are not legitimate solutions. SolveSpark will do its best to enforce these rules.

3 Month Timeline


Reach out to potential interested parties and establish key relationships

More info Weeks 1 - 12
Target: September 9th


Complete the prototype that would allow users to log in, submit information, receive alerts, and view basic analytics.

More info Weeks 1 - 7
Target: August 5th

Solicit Feedback

Deploy website to a small group of users to begin populating database and gathering feedback to drive requirements and continuous development.

More info Weeks 7 - 12
Target: September 9th

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